Policy Research Corporation has a proven track record in offering services to international, national and regional authorities. Services Policy Research Corporation offers to governments are:

Policy advice

We support international, national and regional authorities and public-private organisations in the design, implementation and evaluation of their policy. Through our typical approach, a unique combination of content and process, we spend much attention in both exposing new facts and creating a broad consensus for new policy measures.

Policy research and development

Economic developments, new insights, new technologies, foreign policy measures… All these factors compel governments to constantly review their policy and to investigate which measures are necessary to reach the desired social objectives or to develop a new policy. Our typical approach, a unique combination of content and process, is ideal to support policy research and development.


Policy Research has a broad experience in conducting ex ante and ex post evaluations for national, provincial and municipal authorities. Policy Research supports authorities in making their projects future proof and advices tem how to structure their organisation in amore efficient and effective manner. Specifically in the Netherlands, Policy Research has extensive experience in board examinations, parliamentary & council surveys and court of auditors’ studies.

Second opinions

Often consensus exists about the fact that new government measures or instruments are necessary in order to reach or accomplish certain social goals. However, there is not always agreement on the content of those measures and their impact. In that case, Policy Research provides second opinions to verify facts, turn analyses inside out, review opinions and to draw conclusions based on facts.

Organisational advice

Policy Research has a full-fledged image of the operations in governmental organisations and realises the importance of a well-fitted organisational structure and processes. With our expertise in organisational management we support authorities in the modelling of their organisations in order for the authorities to reach their goals and objectives in an efficient and effective manner.

Economic research

To get a thorough view of the impact of policy measures, a well-founded insight in economic effects and market mechanisms is essential. We provide economic advice (ex ante, intermediate and ex post) which forms the basis for a new policy. Some of our instruments in practice are the Economic Impact Study (EIS®), the social cost-benefit analysis and sector analyses.

Economic Impact Study

The EIS® methodology, developed and fine-tuned by Policy Research, is a unique instrument used to calculate the economic effects of policy measures, investments or strategic decisions, even before their implementation. The EIS® methodology is based on a bottom-up approach, guaranteeing correct and reliable data for all stakeholders. This transparency creates trust among the stakeholders and buy-in for the outcome of the analysis and the decisions based on it.

Social cost-benefit analysis

We have the necessary expertise to assess the economic effects of major and complicated investment projects by means of a social cost-benefit analysis. Not only are the purely economic parameters assessed, but external effects (e.g. effects in terms of environment, safety and the cost of congestion) are also taken into consideration. These analyses can be combined with simulations to predict future developments.

Sector analyses

A basic requirement for sensible governance and effective policy is a thorough insight in the sectors and industries the governance or policy has influence on. We conduct sector analyses in which the economic importance, market mechanisms, leader firms, labour markets and the principal key subjects are mapped.


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