Council inquiry

Council inquiries are ex ante or ex post evaluations in assignment of regional or local authorities, mostly to investigate large projects. These evaluations consist of second opinions of project proposals, as well as ex post evaluations to examine the possible exceeding of budget and/or time. Typical investigated aspects by Policy Research are risk management, governance and information sharing.

Parliamentary and council surveys

A survey is an official instrument (in the Netherlands) the parliament or a municipal council can use to investigate the management of governmental projects and tasks. Policy Research supports the research commissions and prepares hearings in order to examine why a certain policy or project did not accomplish its objectives.

Investigation for Auditor Commissions

Besides our work for municipal councils, Policy Research is often asked to assist Auditor Commissions in their advice how policy and projects could be organised in a more efficient and effective manner. The purpose of such evaluations is not to find out what went wrong in the past, but to come up with lessons learned to take into account for the future.


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