Our track record in the maritime and transport branch has paved the way for successful projects in a wide range of sectors. We are open to further expansion and welcome opportunities to apply our unique approach successfully in other areas.


Policy Research has built considerable expertise in the transport sector and related logistics issues. This applies to all modes of transport, from road, rail, electric transport, air transport, and infrastructure to (inland) shipping and short sea shipping (these last are explained in the maritime sector).


We offer a wide-ranging expertise and experience in the domain of maritime sectors and clusters, like the shipping industry, seaports, fisheries, offshore energy, recreational navigation, maritime industries and services, shipbuilding industry, hydraulic engineering and yacht sector. The subjects vary from strategic advice for private clients to port policies and to research on the maritime spatial planning in Europe.


Policy Research has carried out many defense-related projects, such as organisational restructuring, the embellishing of partnerships with the industry, sourcing questions, training programs, governing model optimisation and cyber defense & offence.

Cyber security

Policy Research gives strategic and organisational advice on cyber security. This combination of strategy and organisation creates synergies and added value for our clients. Policy Research is active in three domains.


In the healthcare sector, Policy Research has carried out assignments both for the government and the private sector. With the authorities we review the healthcare financing and quality, while in the private sector we provide strategic and organisational advice. Recurring questions are amongst others how to divide the costs and benefits between different hospital departments and how to increase empowerment in the different departments? How to optimise the business processes? How to improve the hospital’s logistics?


Experienced financial experts can develop solutions for financial projects or financial crisis management with / for clients. Examples of projects are the detachment of a financial controller, optimisation of financial reporting and process management for the implementation of a new financial software package.


Policy Research is not a typical IT consultant / programmer, but through our typical approach we are regularly asked for IT-related projects, varying from requirement setting and assisting in the selection and implementation of ERP software to governmental and organisational advice about their IT policy & strategy and about the effectiveness & efficiency of their IT expenses.


Policy Research has carried out many studies and projects for the energy sector. Advice has been given about investment programs, fiscal programs and their effectiveness, the elaboration of a vision about energy supply and production, and evaluations of the legislation. Focus has been put profoundly on the oil and gas sector, but Policy Research is also active in other energy sectors.


The typical Policy Research approach, a unique combination of content and process, can be applied to many sectors. Through clients which are active in different sectors or recommending our approach in their network, we regularly start new activities in additional sectors.