Our typical Policy Research approach distinguishes us from others. We provide advice and develop supported and implemented solutions for, with and at customers. New projects for existing clients are the best proof of our capabilities.

Content & process

From the very start of a project a process strategy is developed together with the client. Thorough analysis and creativity of our consultants leads to new facts (content). These facts are shared with our key players and stakeholders in a well-considered manner (process). The focus on both content and process allows us to cope with (organisational) cultural differences, to get buy-in and to implement the necessary changes.

Analytically strong

Well-founded analyses allows for conducting fact-based discussions, and not (only) based on interests or emotions. Insights of key players are supported or refuted, in which opposition is given the greatest attention and insights are considered in a broader context. The theoretical “best” solution is not necessarily the most appropriate. Our analyses underpin the most suitable solutions for our clients.

Creative and innovative

Problems are never identical and consequently the same applies for solutions. The obvious standard / theoretical solution is often not the most appropriate. Our strength is to provide creative, innovative and tailored-made solutions. Solutions others do not come up with. Creativity is also a feature that all new employees are screened on.


We like to stay with the client until we have implemented our recommendations and results are achieved. Our involvement and empathy makes us co-owner of their problem through which we acquire buy-in into the organisations we work for. That is how we make a difference, even for ourselves.


Our independence does not only perceive our work as pleasant, it is also a necessity in order to have a discussion with the involved key players and stakeholders based upon facts. The external, independent view is maintained in projects which are implemented at the customer (detachment).

Special forces of management consultancy

We are specialised in solving complex issues. The complexity may indicate both substantive difficulty (content) and complexity of the process (e.g. conflicting interests of key stakeholders or resistance to change). The exquisite quality of our consultants, in combination with our typical Policy Research approach, entails the actual solution of problems. For this reason we are called the Special Forces of management consultancy.


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